Quick Release Plate Adapter for Digital Camera Canon 5Ds 5DsR LC7887

Item No.: LC7887 LC7888
Product Name: L Plate Bracket Holder for 5DS L
Product Code:LC7887-LC7888
Option: With battery grip,without battery grip
1.Made of durable aircraft grade aluminium, through high-precision CNC precision machining, hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
2.Quickly release, turn, and remount your camera for either a horizontal or vertical shot.
3.It can greatly improve the efficiency and stability of the composition in the shooting process, eliminate the transformation of thecomposition of the common displacement phenomenon!
Material:Aluminum Alloy
Shape: Lshaped
Suitable For:  for Canon 5DS,5DSR
Package include 1pcX L Plate Bracket Holder for 5DS L