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Here's your guide to know HDMI Cable's correct usage

1. The HDMI cable is not hot-swappable

The advantage of the HDMI interface is that it uses audio and video transmission at the same time. The interface design is more convenient for users. There is no button to block up and down. The advantage is convenience, but the disadvantage is that it increases the damage to the HDMI interface. Plug and unplug, avoid hot plug.

2. Use cheap HDMI cable for short-distance transmission

   Generally speaking, home projectors and other input source devices are relatively close. The 1.5m HDMI cable basically satisfies the use of HDMI cable. In the concept of HDMI cable, the short-distance transmission cable is less than 5 meters. In addition, the thickness of the wire is also a factor that affects the quality. There are 24 to 30 gauge lines. The larger the number, the thinner the line and the worse the effect. However, for the short distance of the line, the 26 and 28 gauge lines, dozens of pieces are enough. use.

3. Long-distance transmission has strict requirements on wires

   For long-distance transmissions of more than 5 meters, the requirements for HDMI cables are very high. In addition to the thickness of the wires, the following points should be noted:

  (1) Selection of raw materials. The material of the core wire is silver, and copper is also used for defective products. Do not buy wire for tin.

  (2) Production technology. The cheapest equipment for producing wire rods is 100,000, and the high-end imported equipment can use tens of millions, and the quality of the wires produced is also different.

  (3) Shielding effect. The HDMI cable produced in the small workshop is affected by the manufacturing equipment and process level, and the shielding effect is only 70% to 80%, and the shielding effect of high-grade wires is greater than 90%.

  (4) The shielding effect of HDMI cables produced by low-end equipment is only 80%-85%, and the shielding efficiency of high-grade cables is 95%.

 4. HDMI wiring should not be buried in the wall

  Some friends bury the HDMI cable on the wall directly when decorating the house to improve the appearance, but it is best to use the 24 and 26 lines, otherwise the quality of the picture will be greatly reduced when the 2K screen signal is transmitted.

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