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How to select camera filter - type of widely used cost-effective filters

UV filter is a common tool used in photography. It can eliminate the influence of UV remove fog and improve the sharpness of image, making the long distance scenery clear , keep reality of the vision. 

CPL eliminates reflected light from glass and other non-metallic surfaces, making the water surface clearer. With the development of technology and the popularization of post-processing, many original filters need to be completed. Now there are other options, but CPL eliminates reflected light is an irreplaceable role. Of course, using the CPL to take landscape photos can make the sky bluer.

FLD  is a special type of color compensation filter. In fluorescent lighting, the screen appears blue and green when taking a fluorescent color photograph, but if FLD  filter lens (fluorescent mirror) is added, the deviation can be corrected so that the screen color can be restored.It is the best choice for people who love to shoot night scenes

Soft filter soften the image, reducing the contrast of the picture, adjusting the tone and tone of the picture, or forming a special picture effect according to the intention of creation,  to make the picture more beautiful.
For black-and-white photographers, it is necessary to have some panchromatic filters and choose the right full color
The filter can adjust and control the brightness and shade depth of different color objects in the scene when they become achromatic.
ND filter reduces the amount of light reaching the film without affecting the color allowing wider apertures, effectively decreasing depth of field.
Star filter make the lights all come to life like magic with star filters. The sun reflecting off lake water can be an extremely interesting image. If you get up at dawn after an ice storm before the sun goes to work, everything is an interesting subject to capture. Holiday lights are wonderful with star filters.

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