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Do you know the usage of lens cover anti-lost rope?

      Many friends who own SLR cameras may have a definite love-hate relationship in the camera lens cover.This small thing is not used when you taking photos, but it has an indispensable role in the daily protection of the lens, but it's not convenient to take it off and store it so some careless friends take it off and put it at random, and then cannot find it back.We're gon na need a lens cover anti-lost rope at this point !
Tools / Materials:
lens cover, anti-drop rope Scissors, small drill, small bit (or wire, small nail) 
First Step:
Drill a small hole in the appropriate position on the side of the lens cover, not greater than 1mm. (Before choosing the punch position, look at all the steps, especially step 5, to ensure that the eyelet penetrates the lens cover) 

Second Step:
Fold a thread through the hole. See below. 

Third Step:
Cut off the small dot of the anti-loss rope as shown below through the thin line.

Fourth  Step:
Use a thin wire to pull the anti-drop rope through the hole. 

Fifth Step:
Tie the front end of the anti-drop rope through the eyelet. See below. If the hole is bigger, make a few more knots.

Sixth Step:
Then the end of the anti-drop rope knot with a lighter to prevent loose line.

The last step, congratulations !!!yes

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