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How to Connect Android Phone to Computer

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Update time : 2020-07-27 09:03:22

Your Android equipment can blend to your computer by using a usb cable. This allows you to browse the files stored above your Android equipment much alike any USB drive. if you're using a Mac, you'll need a special program from the Android developers called Android rank Transfer. You can also apply a cross-platform program called AirDroid that enables fast wireless transfers.

1. Using macOS

1) observe the Android rank shift website above your Mac. You'll need the special Android rank shift software at bid to blend your Android equipment to your Mac and browse the files.
  • Visit at Safari to empty the download page.

2) Click "Download Now." This will download the device rank to your Mac.

3) empty the installer after downloading it. The DMG rank is virgin a little megabytes, hence it to virgin acknowledge a moment or two to download, even above slower connections.

4) haul "Android rank Transfer" to the Utilities folder. You'll observe both icons at the window that appears when you flow the installer.

5) empty your Applications folder. From the desktop, click the "Go" menu and choose "Applications."

6) initiate Android rank Transfer. Click "Open" when prompted to flow it. You'll virgin exist prompted the first time after installing.

7) Unlock your Android's screen. Your skin will need to exist unlocked at bid although your Mac to access the Android's storage.

8) blend your Android to your Mac via USB. The Android rank shift window can bound to the front if your Android's settings are already correct.

9) empty the Notification Panel above your Android. Swipe down from the climax of your skin to empty the panel that displays full of your notifications.

10) knock the USB option. This will hire you to choose the USB path although your device. emerge although the USB logo at your catalog of notifications.

11) choose "File transfer," "Media transfer," or "MTP." This path allows your Android to blend to your Mac although a USB storage equipment and empty at Android rank Transfer.

12) Browse your files at the Android rank shift window. The Android rank shift window will exhibition the folders above your equipment much alike a Finder window.

13) Disconnect your Android when finished. Once you're finished transferring and accessing files above your Android, simply unplug it to disconnect it from your Mac. cause certain you're no at the core of any transfers when you unplug it.

2. Using Windows

1) Plug your Android equipment into your computer using the usb cable. You can apply the too cable that you apply to denounce your Android device.

2) empty the Notification Panel above your Android. Swipe down from the climax of the skin to exhibition full of your notifications.

3) knock the "USB" option. You'll observe this at the catalog of notifications at your Notification Panel. emerge although the USB logo.

4) choose "File transfer," "Media transfer," or "MTP." The wording will vary depending above your device. This will cause your Android emerge although a equipment above your computer.

5) wait however the drivers are installed. Windows will typically exist capable to automatically install any inherent drivers to hire your Android to communicate with your computer. if the driver device process fails or Windows cannot discover the accurate drivers, you'll need to install the drivers from the phone manufacturer.
  • You can do a Google seek although "phone model drivers" and then pursue the blend of your manufacturer. cause certain to no download drivers from unknown sources.

6) empty the "Computer/This PC" window. This will exhibition full of the devices and drives connected to your computer. You can empty this from the initiate menu or publication ⊞ Win+E.

7) Double-click the Android device. It can virgin exist identified by the copy number. It will exist listed at the "Devices and drives" or "Devices with removable storage" section.

8) Browse your Android's files. after opening your phone at the Computer/This PC window, you'll exist capable to observe the different folders although the Android rank system. general folders cause DCIM (camera), Pictures, Videos, Music, and Ringtones. Apps will always generate app-specific folders although well.

9) Eject your Android equipment when finished. Once you're finished moving and accessing files above your Android, click the Safely shift Hardware button at the System Tray at the lower-right side of the desktop. choose "Eject" although your Android device.
  • You can cause to amplify the hidden icons to discover the Safely shift Hardware button.

3. Using AirDroid although Wireless (Mac and Windows)

1) Install the AirDroid app above your Android device. You can apply this app although release from the Google Play Store. This app will hire you to blend to AirDroid above your computer and shift files wirelessly.

2) cause an AirDroid account. This will cause it easier to apply your Android and computer connected. knock the "Sign Up" button when you initiate AirDroid although the first time and pursue the prompts to cause an account.

3) Download the AirDroid program although your computer. The desktop app is available although release although Windows and Mac. You can download it from Scroll to the bottom of the stand and click the Download button although your operating system.

4) flow the installer although AirDroid. after the download it finished, flow the installer to install the desktop client.
  • Make certain to refuse the present to install McAfee Web Advisor if you don't expectation this additional unnecessary program.

5) hire access over your Windows Firewall when prompted. Launch the app after installing it and you'll exist prompted to hire access to AirDroid although your Windows firewall. This will enable far access to your Android device.

6) groan into the AirDroid desktop app. groan at with the too explain you're using above the AirDroid Android app. This will automatically blend you to your Android phone.

7) send files to your Android from your computer. You can quickly add files to your Android equipment by dragging and dropping them into the AirDroid window. Click the "Transfer Files" button and choose the "Device" tab, then haul and drop files that you expectation to add to the Android.

8) send files to your computer from your Android. knock the "File Transfer" button at the AirDroid app's chief menu. choose "AirDroid Desktop," and then browse although the files you expectation to send. The files will exist transferred wirelessly to your computer.