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5-in-1 Photography Studio Multi Photo Collapsible Light Reflector LC6101

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Update time : 2020-11-02 17:02:58

Product Code:LC6101-LC6108
Description:A reflector is a tool that helps a photographer to manipulate the light by providing another surface for the light to bounce off of. Reflectors are inexpensive tools that can make a big impact on your images
Surfaces: Gold, Silver, White, Black and Translucent.
Material: polyester fiber.
Suitable situation:Indoor studio, Outdoor portrait photography
Sliver reflector is a common used reflector ,it make the eyes of the people of the portrait full of energy.
Gold reflector makes the tone of the light warmer ,which is used as the main light. It maks the skin healthier .
Black reflector is used to reduce light.
White reflecro is suitable for perfecting light for details. It makes the picture soft and comfortable ,and improve the details of the shadow.
Transparent reflector is suitable for reducing the contrast and softing the light when under the sun and direct light